the repercussions

i am faced with a challenge this morning and it is not an easy one.

in any important position, you must make choices and decisions whether you like them or not. sometimes, having more than one face helps but i can tell you being the person i am my heart always takes over. there is no easy way to describe what i am feeling at the moment other than the decision on what is more important.

a long time ago, i took an oath. i vowed to stand behind a group of people regardless of what my personal feelings were. i can tell you over a year later, as i am still standing. this challenge is getting more and more difficult. what i set out to do has failed me and i am on the fence whether to believe anymore in what i stand for.

as i am a great at analyzing, i see the light at the end of the tunnel sorta speak and i know if i take one road what will happen and if i take the other, the repercussions of my decision will certain start animosity among-st some people.

this frustration is certainly tearing me and i do not know what to do. for the time in my life i am in a very different sector. i am certainly glad i am not running this country because i can tell you i would not be the wisest frosting on the cake.


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