the reality of life doesn’t escape

vacations are great but the reality is life doesn’t stop, bills need to be paid, responsibilities need to be attended too and you just can’t run away and expect life to stop.

as i sit here on the roof top looking at palm trees, my thoughts are focused on my life back home, wondering how i can bring some of this tropical reality with me. i have been on vacation now for over a week and i want to be able to go back to work a little less stressed. things are bothering me and for the first time in my life i can’t fix it.

i want to make some changes, decisions and i cannot for the life of me decide which are the best ones.

the culture here in mexico is very different but i think their lives are probably the same as we experience. they have stresses, probably more so as they lack the funds to live a great life. they work very very hard, most on 12 hour days and yet i see them smile. i guess i would have to talk to a local to find out what is there secret, how they appear to have it all together and even though they struggle, how they can still smile.

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i am starting day 3 of my challenge and my adventure in mexico and i think today my focus will be on how to make my life happy again for me. the self confidence is so low that i will have to try a new approach in believing that i am worthy.

most people say it’s the inside that needs fixing but in my world if i fix the outside, i truly believe i will be happier.

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