.the reality of letting go

i have noticed lately that people no longer have an appreciation for life or for that matter they are always in a hurry.

yesterday i was so stressed out because of work of course, it wasn’t until i spoke to a very special friend who made me realize how important it is to just relax and let it go. i have forgotten how to do that and by definition, one day i am going to collapse again, i can feel it. why should we have to wait for a vacation in order to slow down and appreciate life? i think people put to much emphasis on getting things done, if that to do list isn’t accomplished we panic. maybe it is because we set our goals or expectations to high and if we fail that, we become victims of our own ambitions.

i am definitely one of those people and at times i expect people around me to do the same. however, when things need to be done, i have an order to follow and that’s just me. but what i am really talking about is how others seem to put so much pressure on others in order to accomplish their own ambitions.

i wish everyone would just take a moment and realize they are just creating chaos where it isn’t necessary. we only have one life, one time here on this earth and we need to remind ourselves of that, every damn day.

what i have to learn is to really let go, i have to make my life less stressful, more loving and less complicated.