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    i am attending an important conference this week and i was listening to a panel of women fight for women’s rights. i respect everyone who believe’s in what they believe but this is my opinion on this issue. for years women have been fighting to be equal to men, equal pay for the same work, we have been making our mark in society and have lived the tell the stories. standing up for the rights of women is a very big issue but of course epic reality has a different take on this matter.

    let me enlighten you…

    i believe women make targets for themselves, yes we have to stand strong, yes we want equal pay and so many other things. i think the emphasis is so high that we target our own abilities. we are being judged all the time for being women who either complain or want the impossible. maybe it is because we are speaking out to much and we because targets to society.

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    it is like the person who does crazy things to stand out in the crowd. people judge and make fun of them or just realize they do these things to get attention. in reality people do not pay attention to this. you have to take a strong realistic approach with all matters and to make yourself heard. doing the bitching dance sorta speak does not get you noticed. in the end, if you look at all the powerful men in the world, they always have a good woman behind them guiding, consulting and advising them. men are stronger only because the male gender has been in power for years. in the earlier centuries it was said the women stands back but the woman always had the right to refuse anything that she did not feel just for her own well being.

    most men will never admit that they believe in their woman’s thoughts and interests but most men are proud of their women and what they represent. let’s face it, without each other we would not be here.



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