The Person i Deleted


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There are certain people who come into your life and you wonder why they show up; especially when they bring only negativity, hurt and wrong doing. is it a challenge, is it a response to a question which we never got answers? I certainly have no idea but what I do know, when this happens, in order to be better, you need to lose the toxicity.

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I have had a few of these people in my life time and most of them I no longer associate with for this reason. they may not see it that way or I may be judged for blocking these individuals, however, here it is:

“I can’t be surrounded by negativity if it does not support my well-being”

I know, you are thinking, this is not unconditional but it is. it is what I need in my life that is unconditional to my growth. when a person is beyond help, you must let them go. this morning I have been thinking of someone who was unique in every way possible. not family, not a friend but a colleague and although for a while I thought maybe just maybe she would be a good friend, it became apparent our characters were absolutely clashing. the moment I realized the toxic that was coming from this relationship, I had to back off.

although most of you would say, ‘why did you talk to her about it’, it would have not mattered. what I said, she would turn it around. she had no clarity at all and still to this day, it is hard to understand.

I saw her last week, face to face and I can say it has been haunting me since only because I truly believe there was no reasoning for this interaction. yet, I am confused as to why I would have even been introduced to this person.

to this day she is still wondering why I have omitted her from my life, delete, delete, delete and people have asked. all I say is it is non of your concern. you see, in my opinion, this one can do no wrong and when faced with such a challenge, she tries exaggerate the ideas. but when it comes to her personally, we cannot discuss it because everything is complicated.

so the word of the day is WHATEVER!

thank you for reading this long, whining post, I hope you come back soon as new ideas are stirring and by the way, it for one minute you think this is about you as an individual, think about it. maybe you have something stirring in your pot.


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