the ocean and the singing

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i have been following a course on ‘Life’s Golden Ticket” | a story about second chances

Brendon Burchard – #1 New York Times Bestselling Author wrote this book and gives an astounding reality about life. he talks about the 4 gates, the first being awareness! in order to make changes in your life and live fully, you must be aware or all aspects of our lives. work, relationships and our habits.

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some of the questions he asks in the course are the following:

if i were going to improve my thoughts on an ongoing basis, i would have to start…

what matters to me right now…

what habits would improve my life right now…

i just finished the second gate, acceptance! since i had mastered the art of loving unconditionally, i knew this gate would be the hardest only because some of the questions here are as follows:

if i’m honest i could say that i’m not fully expressing my true thoughts, feelings and ambitions in the following situations or relationships…

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AND BAM! as i sat here listening to some old favourite songs of mine, it occurred, the reality of my awareness and life’s ambition. it is funny how a word can suddenly make you realize what your real dream is all about. a friend once told me years ago i should share and show the world what i can do and it seemed so impossible at the time. for years i knew i had this talent but never really fully embraced it. i guess reality if i knew in order to make it big would take much needed money and time that i didn’t have, so i settled for the normal life of working hard and saving for a rainy day as they say.

so here it is, i am about to share my life’s true dream and reality.

i have a voice, some say the voice of an angel i’ve heard said. i can sing pretty much any song that comes to mind, i can adapt my voice to any music and have always been a natural. admitting that seems a bit conceited but i have never really admitted that to myself. well today i am.

the dream is this, to sing in front of audiences, for them to enjoy or even bring back memories of times when life was simple, free and happy. the rush i get when i turn up the music and sing along is absolutely thrilling to say the least and if for some reason i can’t hit a note, i keep at it until i can. i believe i could sing not for the money but to raise awareness in people. that no matter what dream you have you can achieve it!

i have noticed too not only am i at peace when i sing but it is as if i don’t care who’s listening on the street. the echo through the window must surely hit a few blocks and i really don’t care. i am only in my zone in two places: the ocean and the singing.

so i ask you, have you ever really thought about the real ambition  you have always wanted and are you fulfilling it? if not what are we waiting for?


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Get $10 off with this code "VACATION10" exclusive #FabFitfun summer box!