Feb 042018

ever notice when you are in a crowded room there is always that one person that stands out more than others?

scary thought to be the centre of attention all the time and that person doesn’t even realize it most of the time. what makes it so interesting is sitting back and watching how people interact with all kinds of characters. why is it when one doesn’t like something, the others insist that person be involved in whatever in the moment action they are entertaining?

acceptance of others, respect of one’s individuality should be top priority and never taken for granted. i believe we all have something to contribute to life, we give a piece of something that brings meaning to your own personal growth.

every day, i reach for a word, a thought, a sentence someone may have thrown at me and ask myself what is the message here.

yesterday was no different…

the final ‘houpla’ of christmas celebration happened and my family are to say the least all unique in their own way. the problem with them is they expect everyone to interact and enjoy the same things they do. they don’t see that maybe some people, like myself, prefer a more quiet and intimate gathering, reminiscing of life or sharing of what this life has to offer. great achievements, understanding and compassion should take top priority; however, i do realize when in social gatherings, one can never expect all these moments and accept it for what it is.

so the question today is: “why do we do things we really don’t enjoy?” – because it shows strength.

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woman, mother, writer and leader in her own surroundings, living life unconditionally. she values self development and teaches her readers to be true to life's needs.

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