.the moral of the story

i seen this quote this morning and i realized how true it is.

love…the only thing other than death and taxes that can’t be deleted or forgotten and no matter how you try to ignore it, it is embedded in you for life.

the truth is can be many things and once you find it, true love, you cannot ignore it. there are many kinds of love, unforgettable fairy tale love, secure love, friendship love…etc. the one that gets me the most is the one love that you don’t see coming. it is the one that penetrates you and makes you see life in a whole new world. it is like the world suddenly looks so different and is toned down because you feel a different way.

i wondered about relationships and people this morning too because there are some odd looking people which makes me think how they live and love, how they stay together and make it work. maybe it is because they are so used to one another not knowing any different then they don’t feel the need to be anywhere different.

but what about the rest of us who have felt that incredible feeling of love and lost or walked away because we felt the slightest doubt in that other person and feared the love wasn’t strong enough to with stand the test of time?

ya what about us…

the moral is today: three words – trust, understand, compassion

without this you have nothing.