The Moral Inventory & Significance

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This morning we want to think about what matters; sit a while and make a list of the things you know and love in your life, and consider whether these items are of great importance. sometimes, you have to evaluate your life in order to create a better one. sanity is crucial when defining life’s purpose and we must itemize our priorities in order to understand the meaning of life.

if anyone has been affected by addictions, meetings will tell you, “take a moral inventory” and that my friends should be key for all that is presently affecting your self development.

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in a couple of weeks, I will be doing this by ocean. my need to be near a topical environment is so strong when shit is falling apart that my body aches. it is something about the water, the salt air and the connection I feel. time that I take for myself here isn’t enough.

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I was talking to a friend the other day and I told her my next self inventory is forgiveness; a big part of my unhappiness is being able to forgive myself for the bad shit that has happened, the things I have done and regret, the decisions I made and failed and most of all, my own inability to succeed at anything I try.

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this will be a big transition for me and with hopes in making my life a little better, I take everything I do one day at a time.

be healthy, be happy and most of all, be unconditional!



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