well here it is, the month i love most and it’s all about love

this world needs more of that and with my next trip almost here, i want to tell the world that even though i am extremely busy this month with business and work, i am always here to lend an ear.

so what is the month of love?

be unconditional as possible. we all can agree that everyone has their own agenda and way of living their lives. i am very organized, creative and most of all, a tell it like it is kinda girl. number on my agenda is taking better care of myself and learning to love myself.

very very difficult task.

i can teach it, tell you how, even probably make you believe my epic unconditional love but when it comes down to me, the famous editor of this blog, i am at the bottom of that list. it all about everyone else, doing all that needs to be done and never thinking often enough that i need the time out.

mexico is coming.


month of love, oh yes that is where i was…

epic needed a new layout to start her love adventure, so therefore this is why things are a little out of place. as the days go by you will see a definite “LOVE” experience and maybe some added fun and freebies.

so let’s make a great february! join me in being in the moment, download my app so you can take me on the go and let’s make unconditional love our main purpose this month.