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you live your life according to what is best for you, no outside influence because you know that the best thing is what you need and want. making it happen can be somewhat of a challenge when others do not see your point of view or understand your thinking.

i have many people who feel this way about me and quite frankly, it took me a long time to make the decision to stand back and tell them like it is. my reasoning for my epic moments are really none of their concern but a mere moment that i must stand up too. they do not have to accept me or really care what i do, say or think but only to respect how i am.

of course we all know, normal people do not get this concept and are always trying to change the way you think and feel. it is those people who and should rethink their idea of living. i have never ever tried to abuse their way of living because i know in time they will see the reality.

i am so certain that life always shows us what we need to see and there is always something persisting in our minds keeping us a float. the next chapter of my life may bring whatever it has in store for me and i will embrace the ideas of others but will not allow myself to be diverted from my own reality. i am in my moment, my fellow readers and one day all will be as it should be.

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