The letter

sometimes, you have to sit a while and clear your mind. you have to ask yourself important questions in order to understand your feelings. you may want to look at the world, see what does not work and what is working. the most important thing to remember is always focus on what is the best thing for you.

i have people who are always trying to tell me what to do and how to do it. story of my life unfortunately and although i appreciate their insight, i don’t think i have ever really taken much sound advice from others unless it involved my professional life. that i consider a big platform for my work. but in my personal life, the inner me does not need anyone to tell me how to dress, wear my hair or speak my mind. i think on some level most people like that i tell it like it is because for the most part they believe it is true and that is the goal right?

always be truthful.

i will tell you a little story about my personal life, in this moment in time.

i have a letter to write which will affect my family very much and as much as i have been putting it off, it’s time. today is the day i compose one of the most important letters i will ever write because it has been lingering forever. the truth is never easy because some people get offended but the reality is if you do not speak the truth, you are only hurting yourself.

letting go means, letting go. it’s not rocket science. deciding to make you feel better is an unconditional choice. it is to free yourself of all the anger, the sadness, the defeat and mostly the reasoning behind your unhappiness. as i write this i am already thinking that tomorrow’s blog post will be about family and i think including the letter will bring great openness to my readers.

i always hope that you the reader find some kind of inspiration behind my writing and that maybe it helps you in your life. whether it is thinking you are not alone or that simply someone else gets you.

my thoughts for today are this: if you have something that has been eating at you for years, days whatever, write it down. if it pertains to an individual or a group, set a side some time and tell them how you feel. if they don’t understand, it is because they not believe or understand unconditional and that my friends is their issue.

you will have freed yourself of your own anxiety, hurt and well being will flourish.