the leading lady

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a very inspiring post i did many years ago…2011

I once heard that if you aren’t the leading lady of your own life, then you are just a woman. Not that is anything wrong with that but every once in a while a woman has to stand her ground.

I for one never used to be able to do that; I had become so non aggressive that I have let so many people walk and talk all over me.  I never took a stand, never spoke my mind, always afraid that the person in front of me would either laugh or just run away.  I have learned lately from great motivators that life is too short and if I don’t speak up now, I will never be a leading lady.  Which is where I want to be?

Now that I have followed my dream of writing, and improving everyday with tips and guides from so many well established authors, I hope to be one of those leading ladies that inspires someone else, that wishes to follow me on my journey and becomes motivated and strong.  I cannot emphasis enough how this book has really given me strength, courage and new found love for myself.  It is not about the money really but more the voyage on my way to a new beginning (No pun intended)

So for today, I wish you all love, happiness and the courage to find your leading lady.

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