the joys of travelling

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as it would have it with my luck, weather conditions have altered my travels.

i am writing this morning from a beautiful hotel room, one hour from my hometown. my original flights had to be changed as there was a winter warning advisory in chicago which was my first stop on my way to texas. what a nightmare.

the people at united airlines were in my experience the worse customer service. i am very disappointed as i spent 3 hours yesterday morning fixing what was their error in the first place and now i am only flying out later on this afternoon. however, i seem to find ways to make interesting and i can say without a doubt, that is what people need to do when travelling.

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you have to turn things around and make it an adventure, otherwise you spend your whole time in worry and stressful situations. adapting to your own needs and wants is easy as long as you understand how. for instance, i decided to leave early and stay in this hotel so no one would have to get up early or disrupt their day. so last night i took a train ride. so fun but i can say it was a bit bumpy. the hotel i stay in near the airport is very beautiful, the bed is comfortable like sleeping on air and it is super clean here. the clerks at the front desk always a smile and are very helpful. i even have my own little coffee maker which for me is very very important. the only thing i had to do is turn the heat off last night because holy hot wave! a woman in my condition does not need extra heat.

as i was very tired my sleep patterns were off and on but this is normal for me. this morning i wait for breakfast to be served and will indulge in a nice hot bath to prepare for journey to the airport. i do love to travel as you never know what is going to happen but i love the adventure and besides, considering i am going to warm weather that seems to be more encouraging as the temperature here is -9 this morning.

until tomorrow my readers, unless something comes up

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