.the journey of life

sometimes, life is unfair. it traps us into thinking we are epic and in the end we find out it was all a dream. most inspiring people have the ability to love themselves enough to never care what others do or say. how grand it would be if we could all think like this?

what others believe to be true is merely an image. what is really going on is the idea that all is what it is. most of us can hide our true nature and never let anyone see what is really going on. we fake it in order to keep balance. what bothers me is how hurtful this is to the individual whom looks like all is good when in fact the journey is falling apart.

Live to be Happy | 20 Inspirational Quotes About Changing Yourself:

maybe we think it’s a purpose, maybe we believe we have to do something great in order to feel great or maybe we truly believe if we are on top of everything it makes a better person.

personally, this journey is bullshit.

if you can’t be true to yourself, why exist?



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