The Job

people have many talents. some obvious, some not so obvious. when i can’t set things correctly here it is because i am feeling frustrated and unclear. i have been saying for years that things are in place a for a reason but why is it that deep down i still feel as though something isn’t quite right and further more the feeling is so strong. it is as if i need a new chapter in my life and i can’t quite get it.

i am reminded that this was supposed to be my last week at my regular job because i want to move away from what i do. i am very tired of it and for the life of me i can’t understand why other employers are not calling or wanting to hire me. i feel as though there is a bigger plan in place and i am totally baffled by what and when.

i don’t know how much longer i can actually hold on to this as i am unhappy inside and it is because i am not content with my career. when you wake up and throw up before heading to work, you know something isn’t right. the people around me have become volatile and i can’t stand it. not all of them, most of them are making me feel really bad about myself and i can’t be surrounded by this kind of environment.

so what am i left with?

a lesser understanding of what will come next. i wish i knew.