the importance of friendships

i have come to realize and I’ve known for a long time that people come and go in your life. what irritates me are the ones that seem to care and really don’t. ever feel that way?

i am sure most of you do; the hard part is realizing how important these people are before you get hurt by them. it isn’t all bad, there are some whom you never thought would be there in times of need and poof! it’s like rolling the red carpet. i have always kept myself at a distance of close relationships because i know exactly what happens when i get close to them. they either lie to me or make me feel as though i am just a carpet. as i grew older, i have to manage to keep my sanity by shrugging off the ones who pretend to be my friend only because the trust isn’t there.

Innermost essence ~ Deepak Chopra: it’s a wall and it is easier. i choose people in my life wisely – i remember at one time i used to have better friends online in the big ‘www’ than in real time.

as my week progresses this week, i also realized something else about myself. i am not superwoman! trying to do the things i want seemed so difficult and i have no patience to wait for help. but i soon learned that strength comes in many forms and mine this week is about inner strength. learning to just BE! relaxing, healing and keeping positive thoughts so i can be better soon.

such a hard thing for me to do, sitting around, not moving…and in my brain asking for help is forbidden.

what i will do is breathe and reboot! once i am well again, i will come back stronger.