the game of life, keep them wondering

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survival is key to a successful and healthy way of life and this week i was tested more than once. many emotions fluctuated, signs of a time long forgotten and yet i got through it.

it is amazing how sometimes we forget how strong we can be and how we can focus on our own ability to define our own perspectives. although some environments may never change, it is the person within that must adapt and make it better.o.k. so i am not the most important person in the world but i have noticed i do matter to many people. even after time has passed, my presence has proven to me that maybe the last three years where not a complete disaster or a waste of time.

there were many indications as well of some of my accomplishments that somewhat made me proud but there are also still some things, people and ideas which i do not trust. what i have to decide is what to do with those ideas, feelings and thoughts and put them to good use.

people can be the most difficult to convince that i am a changed person and they must realize it is the best course of action for me. i bring a certain characteristic to the table but i can also remind myself that i must step back just enough to keep them wondering. the game of life as they say can be fun and also intriguing.

yesterday was the end of my first week back to work and i am so grateful to have been able to work, be with the people who remind me of the pleasures and strength i have. there are also some in particular who really have surprised me and i am so glad they are a part of my life; even if only professionally.


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