The Freedom to Choose

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i have choices, i have the right to decide and feel the way i feel, i also have the power to let go

there are those who always seem to know how to find negativity in every thing i say or do and more so never have the balls to look me in the face and tell me how they feel. i believe this is very immature of them and warrants words.

as a leader, you must always take all kinds of crap but it doesn’t mean as a human i have to believe it. i have choices, the choice to deal with it or let it go. we all know in life not everyone is going to be happy with all that we do because they fear the change, the uniqueness or another’s epic ambition. people are very set in their own ways and when the road takes you elsewhere, these people turn into aliens of some sort. i call them that because you always see a different side of them especially when they don’t like something.

epic lives for epic, no one else.

i must say this over and over in order to believe it and to believe i am doing good. the problem is every time i turn around someone dislikes or back stabs my efforts.

so what to do is the question of the day. i have been told many times i can’t fix everything.

watch me!


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