.the fishing, day 7

i had fished before with my dad back home in the boat but this ocean fishing is quite different and interesting. the method seems simple however with the waves of the ocean you must pay close attention to the rod or you will miss your catch.

we had a great day at the beach, we were reeling them in as fast as we could cast the lines. the fish here are great, whitings they call them and i will soon have a taste of that tonight at my last night in Texas.

it has been an eventful week, time away, relaxation and learning experiences. i can say i very glad that i was here. although the people back home are missing me, saying i have been away too long, this was about me. when i take a vacation it isn’t about leaving them but rejoicing in my peace of mind and finding more ways to self growth. as i said many times before i learn from people and i dig deep for answers.

with 24th days until Christmas, i have started thinking about my decorating and how i enjoy this time of year. last night we went to the little Christmas village here in Brownsville, Texas. it’s a wonderful display and i was glad i seen it again because they have added more.

the fact remains, Christmas and lights are just not the same without my snow. it seems un-natural to me, even though i love my fun in the sun.

i leave tomorrow early, therefore won’t be posting for a day but i am sure my ride home will also bring me an adventure. i love to fly, it is very freeing. all i can say, if anyone has the chance to go somewhere different take the vacation. make the time to do the things you want to do and enjoy the life you have.