.the fireworks of love

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as february soon approaches, i am reminded of love. i haven’t spoken about love in a very long time because my views on love have changed quite a bit. i guess it is because over time, love have changed for me, more of a selfless kinda love rather than the fireworks you are supposed to feel.

i have people around me who have the ‘OMG’ wow affect of love, i laugh because we all know that inner love does not last long and eventually you either make it or break it and come down to the reality. it has been said, i even spoke it in my first book, that when you are in love you feel as though you can move mountains and i can honestly say, the mountains can stay exactly where they are at the moment.

i haven’t the strength nor the encouragement to have any of that in my life. my heart has become so numb to all emotions, i don’t even remember the physical feeling of that great love. the personal effect it had on me was singing. i have lost my voice somehow, strange that happens.

so what am i left with? on this subject.

i can keep your spirits up by saying eventually you find another kind of love, one that let’s you be who you are. the unconditional feeling you get when you know you aren’t being judged by that other person and no matter what, you know at the end of the day, they will still be there. i guess some would say this is a ‘security blanket’ but for me, it is a great revolution. for years, i lack the knowledge and greatness of letting myself be me. i was always afraid of losing that other person because they would judge me for being who i really am. that works with all relationships and then one day you realize, those who do not accept you for who you are and what you believe in, you have to literally shut them out of your life or they will suck it all up.

negativity comes to mind with that being said, people who find no good anything. always criticizing, never letting go of things that really do not matter and persisting on finding solutions to everything. sometimes those people go on and on, never just accepting life for what it is.

why stress about that.

so today i leave you with this: love can be whatever you feel is best for you and no matter what the situation, know that love can come in many different forms. find your inner peace, be who you want and never settle for less.


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