The Fire of ones’ truth & Deception

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Wouldn’t it be nice to master the art of not giving a fuck? I truly believe people are out for revenge or basically have an agenda in their own pea size minds.

how does one live in that fashion? how do they sleep at night knowing they have hurt and possibility put down a person so much, that all is seen as a failure?

some people in my experience have no way of considering others and really couldn’t care less how this will affect liability of ones’ own sense of ambition. I think the idea is they are so blinded by that goal of determination and not in a good way, they can’t see pass their rather large ego. I struggle to find a happy medium most of the time but when shit hits the fan, it is as if all is chaotic. I feel emotional, negative, down on myself and can’t see the light. probably why I am here now writing this out in order to understand my frustration.

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day 1 of my new job was great and I want so much to succeed at this, which in itself is an effort as the last career nearly destroyed me. learning to be positive again is quite possible and I want to keep an open mind. as I have had many days off and time to reflect, I feel I am ready to let go of all my past destructions, the people who have made my life a living hell and find a new path.

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