The Essential of Self growth

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dreams are real, whether you believe in them or not, they are a reflection of your present life. where you want to be, glimpse of your present moments and what really is going on inside that pretty little head of yours.

if you are lucky enough to remember them when you wake up, you can easily google search the meaning. i am intrigued at times by what i find only because it makes me realize essential self growth. i can see beyond the actual meaning and ask myself why am i dreaming this.

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#quotes #inspirational #positive #smart #life: we all the know it has been said, there are always deeper issues and the deeper you go, the better you will release that inner frustration. in the past week my devotion to self growth has been about erasing or wishing i could erase parts of my life. i truly feel regret, no doubt and can’t seem to shake it off. i always wanted to be in a better place and approximately 10 years ago or more, i was to naive to understand or know how to go about getting exactly what i wanted.

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knowing this, i see now that had i taken different measures, i would definitely be in a better place. my dreams, in reality, will never be realized and the best part about this is i know and accept it. so now, i must move on and live in my moment.

let go of what is no longer and accept what you can change.


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