The difference between love and like

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if you were to take a look at your current relationship, can you say you love that person you are with or are just in it for the sake of being with someone?

i know to many people who are in relationships because they either don’t like being alone or are trying to cover up a previous pain.

“the old saying, how to forget another is get under another”

unfortunately, these are both ‘faux pas’ because all you are doing is living in the same past experiences. the only way to learn to be in a great relationship is to understand and really dig deep into yourself. finding the true things that make you want to be in a relationship and knowing why you pick certain individuals is crucial to any future love.

i hate hypocrites, the ones that use people for their own gain especially when it comes to men and women. i keep asking the same question over and over again why do we have to pretend to be someone else or like someone if we really don’t?

be honest. tell someone if you have doubts, if you are unsure of what direction you want any relationship to go and most of all if you really don’t like the person, tell them. don’t waste their time and yours on something that will never be love.


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