The Desire to Fix Others

there are people in my life that have often tried to fix me, make me into something i am not and have made big statements about it like it was the worse thing in the world. being something you are not, can often lead to unhealthy situations.

i have never in my heart and mind ever tried to change anyone because one must accept the different personalities. what we can do however is compromise, find ways to live with each other. there are times however when the characteristics are so different, that it may cause a person to stress right out never realizing the damage it is doing.

words are another factor that can often hurt so much that you begin to analyse every core of your own personality, wondering what the hell people see that is so bad and for the life of you, you cannot understand their perspective therefore you start trashing your own views of life.

i know a lot of people who can simply roll things off their shoulders, in one ear out the other as they say, but i truly think it does not. i see these people drowning themselves in other ways of dealing with their insecurities making themselves look better than others and never blinking an eye.


i believe this is why SILENCE is golden! if you say nothing, then nothing can be surfaced. you stay focused on what you believe to be true to yourself.