The Concept of Consideration

i have come to realize that having a great relationship is not only impossible but it seems as though the fight is always one-sided.

i can speak for many women i know, we always feel as though men | in general | are selfish and have no consideration for our feelings and what is worse, when you have a dispute or you leave your partner with no words or produce this massive silence between the two of you, women always look like the ones who are impossible to please.

i can also tell you, women are not at all impossible but in order to understand us, you need to communicate your feelings and thoughts effectively if not direct. it isn’t rocket science | simply speak your mind, understand the concept of consideration for our feelings because we do communicate them. we don’t walk away and leave each other in the dark | we say how we feel, we deal with every situation as best as we can and no matter how hard or hurtful something may be, we accept that sometimes certain situations can’t be changed.

silence is the key ingredient to killing ones’ soul. when you thought that someone shared the same goals, the same love, the same ambitions and finding out it isn’t at all what it seems is a concept i am very aware of. what does happen to us women in this situation is we question our abilities to be because of relationship failure and feel so damn frustrated because although we have done everything possible to make things work and still we are doomed to failure.

a friend said yesterday ‘be strong’ | how can i do that when i feel as though my heart has been ripped out of my chest and taken to a place where even directions or google map can’t help? i believe time will have to decide my fate and when i regain my self-confidence, maybe i will be able to love again.