.the circle of life and love

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this week has been quite interesting but less than desirable. what i learned was your heart is the most important part of your body because with it comes feelings. it doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are or how you think your head can’t control your well-being, when your heart is broken, nothing else works.

you are struck with an overwhelming gush of emotions, you feel as though life is totally unfair and for the post part you feel as though no one can ever understand or feel the way you feel. you keep you head up, doing what you are expected to do but every second you know deep down that complicated mix of emotions takes over.

life is full of experiences, wants, desires and depending on the events, you surely can take the biggest ride of your life. sometimes when people come and go into this life you have to ask yourself what the hell just happened. poof! one minute life is going one way and then poof! their gone again.

how do you justify these actions?


you don’t. what you can do is either tell them to ‘fuck off’ of just go with it. think of it as big lessons and never look back because if you do, you will certainly be taken for an even bigger ride. know that your decisions are built with the intent to keep your sanity.

emotions are hard and some of us have more than others. we can accept that but know this: those who feel nothing, have nothing!


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