the choice between loving someone unconditionally and feeling hurt or the choice to love yourself enough to know better when to cut the cord… that is the question of the day.

a friend of mine is going through a situation i am very familiar with and last night, for the first time, i finally understood her pain. the struggle she is feeling is the difference between the heart and the head and i can tell you, no one can understand that until you have experienced it. i have.

letting go of something you feel so strongly about is one of the hardest lessons anyone can learn. you keep asking yourself the questions why can’t this just be simple; it is like painting a perfect picture in your heart and yet in your mind you know it isn’t healthy. they say dreams are what keeps us alive but when it comes to the matter of the heart, this dream is a barrier between sanity and logic. so how do you cut the cord? my experience – one day you will wake up and realize, you don’t need that dream, that unrealistic fantasy but until then, you need to know that your feelings are your own and no one can change that.

listen to your heart, love them at a distance and know that it is perfectly ok to feel those unconditional crazy ass emotions.