.the challenge of being real

some people have secrets, some have dirty little secrets and some have past lives they wish to bury deep.we all have things we wish to never discuss or reveal about ourselves because we fear the rejection or worse the judgement by those who do not understand unconditional.

i love it when someone is trying to hide something from me because my gift is that i can see right through them. no matter if they are standing right in front of me, telling me something, i can tell whether it’s true or not. most of my life has about reading the people that i find less interesting but more intriguing. i learn the value of humans by admiring their reasons for living the life they have. i seek to look beyond their face value and ask the ultimate question:

“what are you not telling me?”

i would love to live in a world where truth becomes first nature and people would just spell their very deep desires and thoughts. good or bad, i think it would an interesting concept. i think far to often people are deceitful and hurtful with words because they do not know how to express them. for lack of trying, i was told the other day that i am boring and have lost some of that fun in me.

those who know me well, know that when in a conversation with me of a certain nature can generally read what i am really thinking or at least a glimpse of it.

there are certain people i wish i could just tell them how i feel and be done with it. i know it would bring great release and understanding maybe even create a better picture of how i see the world.

we all have ghosts, past and present that haunt us for fear that people will dislike us or even ridicule our very way but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. would you rather live a lie or be free to become the real person you are?

you decide.