.the buck stops here

we define our lives by which we see and feel about things. we also feel frustrated when things are not as they seem. i live my life according to experiences, things i learn, things i see and hear. people are a great source of energy but also suck the life out of you.

so how do you know when you have had enough?

i guess the ultimate way is knowing in your heart something is seriously wrong and until you fix it, you will never live a fulfilled life you intended. a long the way, some people get lose their ambitions because they experience negative ideas day in and day out. they feel as though nothing can be accomplished because they have no means or other times it is just as natural as eating a meal.

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the hard part is when it stops you from doing the very thing you really love doing and later see that you are a victim of your own negativity. i always said i should have been an artist or actress because i can show you a side of me and you think i am the ultimate power woman. on other days i can simply fill these pages with the worse of the worse feelings i have.

in the end i think we have to alter our lives according to whatever feels natural and possible. never underestimate yourself but do not boldly go where no man has gone before. you may find yourself being floated.

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