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Through Life, Love, People, Opinions, Ambitions, Transitions of Desperation and daily challenges of personal growth, Epic Reality inspires others. She has shared her honesty for a decade and continues to find answers to self devotion and unconditional love.

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Are you suffering from a midlife crisis? Do you see yourself drowning in self-pity and despair? Do you live for others? Have you lost your spirit for love? You will discover how to survive midlife, menopausal roller coaster. You will write down your moments to understand the reality and learn how to love unconditionally. I wrote this book because time stands still when you least expect it and people need to feel as though they are not alone in this epic world. In this book, I will tell you exactly what I went through, my personal feelings and thoughts and how I survive living in this moment. You will be living this journey as I teach you how to live and love unconditionally.