.the book

yesterday, i spent the afternoon, in silence on my sofa finishing chapter 6 of my new book, it isĀ all happens for a reason and i keep telling people this book is a big reflection of my life in the moment. when it comes to writing down your deep thoughts and reasons for being who you are and what you do, it can trigger many things.

Image result for chancehonesty is something i pride myself on and sometimes that honesty shows a part of life that most people are afraid to express.i think it is the outcome of this that brings the fear but i can tell you, without a doubt, i have no fear in my life. i accept things for what they really are and know there is purpose being all that we do and say.

events are set in place for a reason, even we do no know why, we just have to accept it. i think most people stop living because they fear; we stop ourselves from doing things we love most only because they are afraid of the outcome. maybe it is judgement, maybe it is lack of confidence, maybe it is just stupidity.

we can still do what we can with what we have, be responsible and take chances.

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