the big white noise

simplicity | the art of simplifying your life and giving it meaning.

i remember a time when i went back to school | to get a college degree | in 2008 | at the time it was a proud moment for me. it meant, i had something tangible to show on paper. today, i when i think about it, i was looking for an outlet and it seemed to fit. what i did take from that moment was one of my teachers asked us to make a poster of what represents our lives. this teacher was gifted | she a way to read people | my poster had an empty space.

when i look at all the work i do now, even designing this blog and many others before, i noticed this ‘white space’ everywhere. she described me like no other and made a point of saying “the white space is the unfulfilled part of my life”. 

tell me something i don’t know.

but it’s funny she was right | there is always a part of me, my life, my work that is unfulfilled. you can have all that is needed to live a life but the big question is what part is unfulfilled? and why? i am learning every day to simplify my life, making room for change and good things in hopes to find that one thing that will complete my very existence.

the one thing that is good, i am aware of many things. living in the moment is one of them and i can tell you it is very refreshing. the other is being true to myself.

life is work | be willing to work at being who ever you are and never under estimate the power of honesty.