.the beach day 2

there is nothing like a great day at the beach. relax, being in tune with nothing but the ocean and the sand. i even learned how to fish, catching the sea’s finest. so different than being in a boat and i must say there is a natural born talent for this kind of fishing. we had beautiful weather and i mean nothing was on my mind but this moment. not to mention we had the most amazing supper. my step mom made fish cakes and they were the best thing i have tasted. light but flavorful.

what i realized yesterday is how tired my brain is and how i really need to take time out, even if it is for a day. i guess this is the biggest reason i travel but i wondered why we do not do these things when we are at home in our own environment why do we have to go miles away to get this tranquility? well for one thing, i live in Canada and there is no ocean there but seriously, some people have learned how to take time out and for me this is not a luxury or just that i haven’t found a way to escape my daily routine without spending dollars or travel.

as i wait for the sun to rise and listen to that wonderful rooster crow, i seriously haven’t got a care in the world at the moment. i am thinking only of this day will bring and how i will be very grateful for all that i experience.

the agenda today is this: at 9:30am, my day is going to drop me off at the famous Glady’s Porter Zoo. i came here last year but unfortunately the animals were all sleeping and i didn’t get the full experience. so now, today, i am going during feeding time. what a treat that will be. i’ll get as many photos as possible so that the people back home can see this.