the art of marriage

people who have been burned more than once, look at marriage as a plague. they vow to never take the plunge again and yet they fail to see the beauty in the constitution. what i see is that it is marriage they fear it is the idea of being tied down to one person, losing the freedom of themselves and seeing only $$ signs for the future.

that isn’t marriage people!

the long tale of it is maybe we haven’t found the right one that would make us leap bounds to be with that person or that we have never experienced true love, therefore not trusting in the art of marriage. i was married once and i can say it was hell on wheels; but what i did take from it was not only my number 1 son but the strength of a long independent journey for myself. over the years, i have come to terms with never finding that special person to marry me; i have always felt as though they didn’t love me enough or maybe it is because they did not love themselves enough. regardless of the reasons, i don’t hate marriage.

one day i hope to be married again because i see it as a constitution of love and commitment. relationships should be based on feelings of the heart and not thoughts of dollar signs. i truly believe if you love one another equally, you can go through thick and thin and never worry that you will be taken for a ride.

my issue lies with the right kind of love, equal amount from both at the same time and values that are based on reality of life. simpler times and rest assured if he is out there, he will find me.

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