The Art of Knowing When To Keep Silent

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    here we are in 2019 and I am stuck with giving new and entertaining writing. I truly believe life can change so much at a moments notice, rather than know exactly what the plan is, we are sometimes left in a spinning nature of some sort.

    I think, judgement comes to mind this morning, as I attended a wonderful gathering yesterday that left me in amazement. what ones’ perspective may be, turns out to be a totally different atmosphere than one expected. I suppose I could speak about judgement and how people are always bickering or criticizing each other’s lives but what I would like to focus on is how a group of people can become ones’ family, even without realizing those moments.

    I think because we are all different, characters of all sorts, makes us realize we all bring something to the table. I just wish everyone would see the light as I do and accept one another unconditionally. I hear many stories yesterday that reminded me of this, as there were to many in discrepencies and I did utter to say anything because it wasn’t my place. however, I was just glad to be in a circle of people whom I miss all in their own special way.

    it also made me realize that had I know many months ago that a break would have been the key to a healthier me, I could be still in that circle and feel a bit more comfortable in my own life. sad to say, my life has changed and I must adapt as best as I can.


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