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    today i want to discuss different people and how they react to situations. all of us are here for one reason or another, whether we believe it or not, we all have a purpose. although some of us or most of use may not know why, there comes a time when you must absolutely consider the possibility that all will take it’s place in due time.

    the unknown has been the hardest to live with because the anxiety can literally kill people but there are many forms of things, ideas, feelings and behavior that destroy our way of life. i believe in one thing and another person will never understand it, visa versa goes for me. if i see something or hear something totally outrageous, it is merely my opinion and my feelings that are affected because it is not something i truly understand. the same goes for love, anger, death, the three most irrational ideas on this planet. they all can destroy you in a moments notice and certain affect every human being in different ways.

    we cannot rationalize what another person does or feels or reacts but i have seen is how people judge one another on the basis of normal. again, what is normal for one, may not be normal for another. this is why i live by this rule of unconditional, it really helps me to deal with life’s disappointments and understanding of others. although many things affect me, i do not see them as a personal vendetta but merely a lesson in humanity.

    the only realistic thing in all matters of the living is to listen, accept and remember to breathe. never judge another’s behavior based on the normal because we no longer live in a time where every thing was frowned upon but believe that we are free to be who we want, when we want and how it affects only our well being.


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