.tell it like it is

my big challenge in the next coming weeks will be to really tell people what i really think. it is very hard to be honest when you are working in a public environment but sometimes it is also healthy to dish out the truth about how you really feel. some people really need to hear it in order to understand and accept the honesty and reality of life.

it takes so much courage to do this, even if you are good at it, there is a way of saying something without sounding vulgar or aggressive. there is also the old saying: ” the truth will set you free” and i am telling you it is about the more honest thing you can ever do. people are not always aware of your true feelings or how something they do or say is damaging, especially when it comes to ideas, choices and truth.

lately i have noticed more and more than i am about to pop my cork if shit doesn’t change. it is so killing me inside because i cannot speak freely on many subject and as i said earlier, it is affecting my health. the thing of it is you never be able to make a person feel the way you feel all you can trust is that you are saying what you mean because it makes YOU feel good. ┬áthe results are of no concern, what really matters is that you hold nothing back, tell it like it is and feel good about voicing your opinion.

therapy is over rated, visit me more often and comment below. believe me, i will have no problem sharing it.