teaching unconditional love

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unconditional meaning acceptance of one human to another in all aspects of their existence.

whether we do right or wrong, unconditional love means being able to accept that other person. we are creatures of our own deceptions and even when we believe that logic is the best course of action towards a loved one, sometimes that logic is shit. in reality all kinds of people affect our daily living, we meet them, we greet them, we decide whether we want them in our lives and how we choose to accept them is also a choice.

one of the biggest and most important thing in my life is love. i have been learning and living it, teaching myself how to unconditionally accept those around me and being strict with my choices. i choose to delete the negative and reinforce the positive for my own well being and for no one else’s pleasure. i do not tolerate abuse and feel compelled to see the lighter side of everything. my sense of awareness has heightened also over the years and i feel when i am aware i am conscious.

i have struggled much with my children, family, friendships and although i have learned much from this, i do not take them lightly. however what i have done is look at what these struggles taught me and how to either ‘chuck it’ or work with it.

unconditional love also means letting go of what does not affect me. if i don’t need it in my life, it goes. as i say lately or am teaching myself is putting away certain boxes.

this is a big learning experience, you must be dedicated to teaching yourself unconditional love. it is very hard and most people do not understand it. i can honestly count on my hand the people i love unconditionally but i know for sure it is truth for my life. not everyone will understand and do not expect them too.

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