Taking the direct approach

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a wise man said: some people translate stuff according to their own reality”

some people find me bold, loud and even sometimes to direct but i believe it is the way of life. how else can you get the message out if you do not say it like is?

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take relationships – far to many beat around the bush when communicating and never really get any response to their needs and wants. if a person, doesn’t respond to your questions, then how are you supposed to know the true feelings of another?

i don’t believe in games; i believe we should tell each other everything that is necessary in order to under the message. men and women are different in their perspective of relationships. we all know that, it’s a fact! women are emotional and men are logical and for the most part it really sucks because when you ask a man a question that pertains to the heart, he won’t respond because he is less in touch with his emotions. women want that kind of response only because we want the man to feel what we are feeling or hope that they feel the same way.

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it is isn’t going to happen!

men can’t feel and are incapable of real deep emotion. what they do reciprocate is action. some men will do things to make you understand how they feel or show their devotion in a more physical way. the problem with that is we women think that it is because they want sex or something and the reality is it isn’t always about that.

therefore, when you are in a relationship or otherwise, communicating exactly what you want and need is vital to any type of relationship. whether you are friends, co-workers, spouses or even to the random stranger. say how you feel, convey the correct message and people will understand. stop playing 21 questions and be direct.

it is much more fulfilling even if it hurts.


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