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i used to think i had it all figured out. the life, the job, the people and yet some mornings i wake up and wonder what people really think about me. i realize i should never have to worry about that particular subject but on one hand i don’t give a shit on the other i question it only because it seems to me people think i can fix everything.

maybe it is because i show this epic knowledge i have about certain aspects of our lives or maybe it’s because they feel like dumping on me because they can. my shoulders get heavier every day and i guess that is why i am lacking sleep.

in my professional life, it is necessary to be focused all the time and with that being said, i am fortunate enough to be able to focus when i am doing that job considering all the shit it put up with. here at home, my life is peaceful now, which i am glad to say only because not to long ago, life was pretty stressful here too.

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i have decided to take another vacation at the end of the month only because i feel it rejuvenates me and i can get more things done around here. i have several projects on the go and if i can get them done, it will free more time for the important things.

i am happy to report as well, yesterday i did the final bookings for my trip at the end of February with my son. i can’t wait because Mexico is my favorite trip of the year, going back to the ocean and this year i get to share with him. he has worked really hard all year as well, putting up with shit at his work and taking on more responsibility. he is not falling far from the tree as his mother does and i am very proud of him. so it will be enjoyable to show him how great life can be when you are on the beach. he has never seen this wonder of life and i want him to know, you can be epic!

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