taking responsibility for your own personal life

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i have noticed and determined, people do not take responsibility for their own actions. they say or do things and really never live up to it. as i sit here this morning, i see things in a different light and it has to be said, most people are creatures of disguise.

how can we live in a world so full of chaos and never truly own up to the moment?

in our minds, we feel we are doing the right thing when in fact it is just an action of reaction to what people around us see and feel. we are so conditioned to believe the ‘norm’ = normal, that we never feel our own perception of life. reality, if you let it in, will certainly show the truth and then you make the conscious decision to live it for what it is.


my concept of consideration deals with people who pretend to be something they are not, say things that allow them to control the very essence of their here and the now. delusion sets in and you have to ask yourself whether this is real and if not why the hell are they acting in this way?

for their own personal gain.

maybe not. they may not see the reality in which others live in and no concept of understanding. as this sounds critical it is also truth. i love Alan Watts – great philosopher and i am hooked on his videos. one line that stands out in my mind is this:

“we don’t like the sound of our voice”

i think of being alone in the moment and it makes me feel as though this is so incredible because it makes so much sense. those who constantly making themselves available for others are scared of their own voice. they can’t be by themselves because they don’t like themselves, they do not understand themselves or fear something quite deep.

the question is do we really love ourselves enough to stand up to these people in order to feel something we do not feel?


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