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as children, we all know parents put us in a time out as punishment for bad behavior. honestly, as an adult, we should this more for our own well being. it really wasn’t a bad behavior situation but it was really about giving the adult a period of relax and quiet.

the reality is most of us do not consider the possibility we all need some ‘time out’ from our daily living. we either feel guilty, lack of production or just do not see the need for it. i can honestly say, your body begins to tell you exactly when it is time to take this ‘time out’. we must listen to our body in order to function properly in this chaotic world. strange as this may seem, today i am taking a ‘time out’ only to catch up on some much need paper work for my other responsibilities of work. i laugh because it seems as i don’t seem to be busy enough with my full time job, i simply take on more and more and soon i end up in slow mode.

my reality? take a day off. shut down. breathe and reboot!

i can’t tell you enough how long it has taken me to realize how mental health days have become so important to society. the ability to stop everything you do in a normal day and just do something that you enjoy or make light of a fun hobby. shut off the inevitable tasks, physical repair your body and mind and become still.

i would rather be in this place but for now, it is a matter of my epic ‘time out’.