Taking A Leap

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    we often hear people taking a leap of faith; being I am not a big believer in faith but in the reality of life as it is, the only real thing to believe in is yourself.

    however, what happens when you realize all that you have accomplished, all that you achieved has gone to shit?

    I took a look at what I had done in the past few years and asked myself the big question: “what did this all give me?”

    well, I can say all that happens is for a specific reason and although I am doubting myself at the moment, I am also hopeful that maybe someone will believe in me. let’s take a look at how to get where you want to be.

    I have goals just like anyone else and my bucket list is still full as there are things I want and need. I never set crazy goals but things that are realistic. finding that center, not falling from the wagon is very hard for me, as I find myself dipping these days. I find myself and have said it outloud, less important these days and that in itself is scary. a friend said last night that in the last few years I have not been happy in my work and that is why I took a leap of career but unfortunately, failed at that.

    what am I left with?

    not much at the moment but yet another encouraging sector of the online world. I hope this next leap will prove to be more promising and I can accomplish this bucket list because I fear the future is unclear at the moment.


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