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silence, how wonderful it is to your ears; what is even more beautiful and we take for granted are the birds chirping in the early morning. when everyone is still asleep, i am up listening to this beauty.

it’s a new week and one can never tell what it will bring. while us Canadians had a wonderful long weekend, a much needed rest, flowers are planted, pool is up and running and yard is clean. let’s not forget how the grass has grown and now is trimmed.

what we also face sometimes are things that happen unexpectedly. i have always been grateful for what i have, only because i feel in my lifetime i have worked very hard and getting things i need and want. read the epic

.the book

yesterday, i spent the afternoon, in silence on my sofa finishing chapter 6 of my new book, it is all happens for a reason and i keep telling people this book is a big reflection of my life in the moment. when it comes to writing down your deep thoughts and reasons for being who you are and what you do, it can trigger many things.

Image result for chancehonesty is something i pride myself on and sometimes that honesty shows a part of life that most people are afraid to express.i think it is the outcome of this that brings the fear but i can tell you, without a doubt, i have no fear in my life. i accept things for what they really are and know read the epic

.getting epic

it is often said hitting rock bottom helps those who have no direction, no will to see the light or worse no ambition to do better. i pride myself on emphasizing this moment because i know my life is just not quite where i want it to be.

white & ampersand sculpture: i can’t give specifics on what bothers me the most, only because the people who read this, find it their goal to point the finger but i can say that yesterday, driving around, thinking about where and when i would like my life to be, i found it easy to rearrange things. past, present and future, experiences that have shown me the errors of life, frustration sets in and there is no where to go. this path read the epic

.routine life

coming back to reality |

after what seems like forever, i am back to my life’s routine and feel as though i have neglected the thing that makes me more sane.


while vacations are wonderful, i can truly tell you that being home has been a refreshment. back to work, catching up on what i missed and certain finding time to navigate myself.

Some days she has no idea how she'll do it. But every single day, it still gets done positive inspirational quotes for women and moms:

a few weeks ago, i knew i was ready to snap and needed some time away. what i learned about myself is that you can’t go far away to another country and expect all to disappear. this shit doesn’t happen. whatever stresses and realities you have must be faced head on and with a plan. time is very valuable and we read the epic

10 days to challenge myself

“if you understand, things are just as they are; then they are just as they are” – Zen Proverb

i find myself thinking about the reality of the real me. let me explain…

i was among st a group of people last night whom i do not see on a daily basis and my eyes were opened, my mind was relaxed and i was very intrigued by these people. different shapes and sizes, smart and wise, interesting and fun. a guest speaker was the focus of my attention, how she pranced around the room and was or appeared so self confident. she was also very encouraging and i do not say that lightly. every time someone spoke, she would automatically say something positive to make read the epic


remember the phrase:

“life is what you make it”

far to often we have a plan, a goal and for some reason, life takes you on another journey. they say this because people figure you can plan your life according to what is best for you only to find that life isn’t what it seems to be.

remember the phrase:

“we have no control”

even though you feel you have set out all the best possibilities, shit happens and you can’t change it. you cannot decide when or where all will take place and you certain can’t see the future. if you make your life happen in a certain way, surely there will some diversions and then you are left with the ultimate, “WTF” moments. read the epic

it had to happen

i am a realist, i see things for what they really are and not as people want them to be. if you are ever going to live in the moment you have be in the present time.

great lesson to learn.

i love it when i discover something about myself and why i do the things i do because it opens my eyes to so much more. this life is but a mere glimpse of what we can accomplish and for those who have not reached that possibility, well, good luck to you!

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i have been right about people all my life and to this day i stand right in my beliefs. people can be so complicated, cruel, rude and unforgiving that we do not read the epic