when you can’t say | i love you


my favourite word. since i was little i have searched high and low for ways to love. of course growing up i really knew nothing about it until one day i realized how unconditional love is the key ingredient to any relationship. although someone may love you in their own epic way, it doesn’t mean they love you with their whole heart and acceptance of who you are and what you represent. read the epic

the truth will set you free

do you have a secret that is eating you up inside and if revealed may break a relationship?

i landed on my favourite epic inspiration Oprah life class lessons, watching the lesson below it made me very aware of something i have been keeping a secret. in any relationship we must at all cost be honest not only with ourselves but with our partner and the reality is we don’t always tell each other everything i believe for fear it might hurt the other person. read the epic

how to get epic results

recent days have shown me the only way to get something is to speak up. it is never easy to communicate our feelings and thoughts when you feel as though no one will understand. sometimes it is because we fear the worse or maybe we fear the disappointment. it is a two way street when it comes to relationships and if both parties are willing to invest the time in actually sitting down and telling each other these needs and wants, it is amazing how the final result can shed so many previous worries. read the epic

why do i allow this shit to happen

sometimes, we believe in something or someone so much that we avoid the inevitable. the truth about people can certainly be revealed if only you take a moment and evaluate all your actions.

feeling as though my heart has finally taken a beating | i don’t believe i have felt this way since my other crash of 2008 | it has been hard to even breath at times. read the epic

the concept of consideration

i have come to realize that having a great relationship is not only impossible but it seems as though the fight is always one sided.

i can speak for many women i know, we always feel as though men | in general | are selfish and have no consideration for our feelings and what is worse, when you have a dispute or you leave your partner with no words or produce this massive silence between the two of you, women always look like the ones who are impossible to please. read the epic

being alone and loneliness

some people can not deal with being alone, others are just lonely.  when loneliness sets in, some people find alternative ways to deal with this and often they aren’t positive things. others will reach out on a good level and find themselves enjoying quality time in the company of others.

i have always been a loner; i figured if i am alone i don’t have to worry about anything except what i need in that time and moment. read the epic