how do we change


i have seen many changes in my life, mostly with myself but others as well. our character defines the very core of who we are and what we represent. but throughout the years, what affects us are the events and memories we have embedded into our minds and souls.

do they changes us? of course they do. read the epic

when you can’t say | i love you



my favourite word. since i was little i have searched high and low for ways to love. of course growing up i really knew nothing about it until one day i realized how unconditional love is the key ingredient to any relationship. although someone may love you in their own epic way, it doesn’t mean they love you with their whole heart and acceptance of who you are and what you represent. read the epic

standing still


silence | we often forget what that is because life is so noisy. how we project our thoughts, our feelings may be to loud for anyone to truly understand what we are saying. what we need to realize is once this is set in motions, we cannot take back what has already passed. we must live and own up to whatever comes next. read the epic

why do i allow this shit to happen


sometimes, we believe in something or someone so much that we avoid the inevitable. the truth about people can certainly be revealed if only you take a moment and evaluate all your actions.

feeling as though my heart has finally taken a beating | i don’t believe i have felt this way since my other crash of 2008 | it has been hard to even breath at times. read the epic

lack of everything


brains. aren’t they are wonderful tool.

active imagination, fast thinking, learning…everyone knows my brain works all the time and sometimes even too much to the point it needs to shut down. but how? hmmm….


i was thinking about men lately and how they seem to over compensate for things they lack. it is human nature that when we are not healthy in one department, we over shoot in others. read the epic