what is on the agenda

most of us can fulfil their days with absolutely nothing to do. others need to “pre-plan” everything in order to keep focus. i think humans in general go about their daily business as it is in their own personal life. whether work, play, duty, our days must consist of something to feel something.

i am no different – i wake up with a list of things to do beside my keyboard and for the most part i make that list happen. read the epic

philosophy versus reality

“a man should not strive to eliminate his complexes but to get into accord with them” – Sigmund Freud

proper behaviour, do we really know what that is? we were taught from time of birth, growing up in different cultures and societies, certain behaviours are unacceptable. some are simple, normal and others quite outrageous. i had a giggle yesterday, standing in line at a department store, watching, learning, behaviour of humans thinking how polite we have to be in the customer service world. read the epic

embrace your journey

to often we forget why we are here and learning to live that life we were given is sometimes very complicated and unclear.

how can we define our purpose and be happy with the results?

we stress over work, daily living, meaningless actions and never really consider of one simple idea. serenity! some people know how to take time out to enjoy the things that make them calm and at peace. read the epic

do you carry your junk

some of us carry our lives around like if we let shit go it will alter all that exists. regret, mistakes, experiences we would rather not talk about and if you think about it, what have we learned from all this?


this is life my friends – we do and say things we can never take back and most of us are capable of letting go when others can’t. read the epic

when you can’t say | i love you


my favourite word. since i was little i have searched high and low for ways to love. of course growing up i really knew nothing about it until one day i realized how unconditional love is the key ingredient to any relationship. although someone may love you in their own epic way, it doesn’t mean they love you with their whole heart and acceptance of who you are and what you represent. read the epic