what is on the agenda

most of us can fulfil their days with absolutely nothing to do. others need to “pre-plan” everything in order to keep focus. i think humans in general go about their daily business as it is in their own personal life. whether work, play, duty, our days must consist of something to feel something.

i am no different – i wake up with a list of things to do beside my keyboard and for the most … want to know the rest?

the new bucket list

i talk often about self love, self devotion and more so how to be epic and live in the moment. lately i am just the opposite, hiding behind my own bullshit, never letting anyone seeing the real me and more so never letting anyone know what is really ailing me.

i guess some old habits are hard to break.

i am also realizing my spirit of laughter and fun is or as diminished and i … want to know the rest?

.the clear factor

making decisions are a part of life and a part of growing up. i have to say that i have been very proud of my son lately who is making choices for himself that are very adult and responsible.

there are times we do not feel as though we need to make choices. for some, expect everyone to decide for them and what is left is unfulfilled self recognition. you never to experience the pride … want to know the rest?

.how to be honest

there is a growing feeling and you just know when things don’t seem to fit. the reality is you do things because you have to live in the real world. the odd time when it is time to take a break from it all, you find yourself in a place where nothing and i mean absolutely nothing bothers you.

everyone knows mine is in that epic place where the ocean lives and the sand is … want to know the rest?

.distraction is a good cure

i feel that if we are stressed about life, sometimes if you do things, keep busy or think about something else, it helps to calm yourself. focusing on other items on the agenda can alleviate some of the dilemmas you may be facing in life. this is especially true when making big decisions that are absolutely foreign to your normal routine.

the reality is when you know you must make these decisions it all boils … want to know the rest?