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.looking for time away

days have pasted and i have been busy with many other things, thoughts are scrambled but here we are again.

ever get those days when you can’t keep one simple thought in your head? that’s me lately and on my day off i took time out of the normal and went fishing. being out on the river, quiet, all you can hear is the pecking of birds, the odd ship or boat driving by and the beaming of the sun on your face. i could hear the voice inside my head saying, why do i not do this more often?

getting away is the greatest thing of all and i feel myself wanting a trip these days, to escape from the anxieties and things around read the epic

.how to be honest

there is a growing feeling and you just know when things don’t seem to fit. the reality is you do things because you have to live in the real world. the odd time when it is time to take a break from it all, you find yourself in a place where nothing and i mean absolutely nothing bothers you.

everyone knows mine is in that epic place where the ocean lives and the sand is so warm. i can often feel it in my bones when the sun is shining, no mention when my imagination takes me there.  i totally believe we all need some distraction from to time and if you have never visited this epic place, you must.

lately, i find myself visiting read the epic

.decorate your life

i was thinking about decorating this morning, flipping through Pinterest, one of the best social networks ever created, (thank You) and my mind wandered. often our lives are so boring, we tend to fill it with beautiful things, buy expensive items when really there is an easier way to show your creative motivation.

if your environment is beautiful, your mood changes.

i have two months to decide on creative ideas for our new home, did i mention we bought a house? yes. the truth is happening and it is so much bigger than what we have now, my mind has started filling with great decorating ideas. i want to make it creative but also functional. this house we live in now is so small, read the epic

.why some focus on the negative

being away from home make you think about life in general. although you are busy with business matters, you always can find time to take a moment and personalize yourself.  i for one find it great therapy and also a time to redefine your purpose. every time i question my ability to be epic, something always brings me back from that negative bullshit.

when i feel pressured or low i ask myself why is this happening? who made me feel so low that i truly believe it? then for a moment, my processor goes back to the actual time when someone said or did something and tear apart the situation. was it really aimed at me or was there bigger issues? maybe i was offended read the epic

.what we see in our own minds

what i have learned this week is this, no matter what city or country you are in, people react and act in the same way. there is always some asshole getting under your skin.

this week i traveled across the country on business and i have met some pretty unique individuals. some of which i already knew and are great people to hang out with. i appreciate their value and insight on our mutual subject. there are some who seem to stand out in the crowd. irritating, loud and obnoxious. you pretty much just want to slap them or tell them what you really think but of course we all know that is not respectful. although i am a big believer of letting people be read the epic

.turn it off

ever get the feeling people just don’t know how to shut shit off or worse filter their minds? as i gather myself, i am reminded of a time when everything seemed less complicated and wonder if i did this to myself.

i talk often about how to simplifying my life and yet every time i turn around, something else is happening to affect this motivation. take for instance this week, i am being challenged on so many levels, surrounded by people who some i do not know and are equal in my professional sector, although make you feel less worthy of their cause but on the other hand there are those who encourage and motivate in order to feel the confidence need to get through read the epic

.children work relationships

sometimes i think our lives are unsettled because we seek a deeper meaning.


when someone opens your eyes, you take that moment and realize life is full of adjectives. rarely do we stop and think there is meaning behind a moment but only to value its existence. my unconditional love has vanished and knowing this makes me question my deeper desires. much need answers to a question lately: “why am i not happy?”

for years i have talked about that empty corner, one box always unfulfilled and still today it haunts. it was a time when i was learning to be a better parent, person and lover. today, i am successful, completely myself and yet there is still that one thing i do not read the epic