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.sharing responsibilities

insecurity is one of the deadliest feelings in the world; at work, at home, in social circles, even for ourselves. some people have insecurities because of bad conditioning throughout their lives being told it isn’t good enough or good ideas become stupid or crazy ideas.

‘been there, done that, wrote the book on it’

i guess that is why i am always trying to prove something to others and more or less to myself. recreating, finding news ways to be as epic as i can. this week i have made someone an important part of a team i hold leadership too and i feel insecure about it only because i have been burned by this before. but i feel i need to delegate these duties read the epic

the power of women

i am attending an important conference this week and i was listening to a panel of women fight for women’s rights. i respect everyone who believe’s in what they believe but this is my opinion on this issue. for years women have been fighting to be equal to men, equal pay for the same work, we have been making our mark in society and have lived the tell the stories. standing up for the rights of women is a very big issue but of course epic reality has a different take on this matter.

let me enlighten you…

i believe women make targets for themselves, yes we have to stand strong, yes we want equal pay and so many other things. i think the emphasis read the epic

.safety net and positive reconstruction

second chances come few and far between and i truly believe people should be given chances. there are some however who feel that if you make mistakes over and over, it is because you clearly the state of absence.


life experiences are lessons to be learned and remembered but also a guide to never repeat. if you keep doing the same thing over and over again without success, why are you doing it? some, believe strongly, like myself, there is always a way to make shit happen. otherwise why do we get up in the morning. unfortunately over time, we realize that when we fail at this persistent avenue, never gaining insight or positive outcomes, maybe it is best to leave it alone.

everyone read the epic

.running off at the mouth

it is so difficult to accept the differences between people, how they act, what they say and more so how they see things.

there are some who like stirring up shit just because it makes them feel important. it is almost as if when everything is calm, there is a reason to disturb the balance. i truly believe it makes them feel powerful, strong and that my friends is a personal issue.

when someone is constantly trying to sabotage someone else, it is for their own personal benefit. they believe it makes them look superior to others, when in fact they are drowning themselves with shear embarrassment. we no longer respect the authority one has on the subject and we certainly do not encourage bad read the epic

.fresh inspirations & ideas

the epic reality of where to go from here |

as a writer, you must keep your readers interested. as a leader, it is much harder to keep people on the same page. you will always find some who are opposed to anything you say or do.

as frustrating as this is, i always find value in all that people say or do. there is always a lesson to be learned and in hopes to turn a negative into a positive. i have encountered many people who disagree with my ideas and thoughts and i have learned that those are my ideas and feelings. acceptance is the key to self worth and knowing you feel good about yourself when you accomplish something is all that read the epic

Epic Facebook Games

epic blow up Facebook Games! who was in their right minds when they invented these games? candy crush my A** it’s more like mind crush.

we spend countless hours playing these games just to get to the next level. our minds are possessed by the sheer beauty of getting that bomb to blow or collecting ideas that hold no value.

why do we do it?

cause we are all nuts. basically it’s a plow to society. it is supposed to be for entertainment and yet we consume ourselves with the utter desire to beat whom ever is on your epic friend’s list.

i ask  you: is it really worth your time? i want to say this: entertainment is just that.

why don’t we do so read the epic

epic suck of the day


layouts suck sometimes and i am just putting it out there. the reason i change the design is because of this….

this morning, i am faced with this challenge again.

it’s like life, when you want it to work it doesn’t because there are other variables.

on to search mode for an epic theme,. read the epic